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Trapezoidal Roof Solution

Best Solar Panel PV Roof Structures manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

GIPL’s clamp based solution for trapezoidal metal sheet rooftops is among the best & most innovative products used to mount solar PV modules.

The modules can be mounted quickly and safely directly on to the roof membrane using self-tapping fasteners. This clamping solution will help reduce your project capital expenditure while improving stability and using less material all at once. Fewer clamps will help in reducing transport costs and warehouse space as well. The complete substructure for 1 kWp of PV capacity can fit into a shoe box.

The mounting system applies to almost all types of trapezoid metallic roof sheets and is used for supporting the solar photovoltaic modules. The system is composed of the guide rail, holder, 3M Insulation tape, end-clamp, mid-clamp & self-tapping screw/rivet.

For roofs that do not allow for the direct mounting of modules, the clamp for sheet metal can be used in combination with the rails.