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The future of solar module O&M is here

Sol Clean

The future of solar module O&M is here

Dust accumulation on solar panels is a common nuisance in today’s world, and up to 6% losses in energy generation are observed due to this.

To combat this issue, GIPL is proud to present Sol Clean™, an autonomous dry cleaning solution that rids solar panels of dust and other fine particles. Sol Clean™ can remove 99% of the soiling pollution on PV panels and can improve energy generation by 2-6%.

The robotic cleaner can travel up to a distance of 1 km and can be customized based on table configuration. Our integrated technology allows one to schedule cleanings for any time of day through the use of a remote computer system, and this technology allows for control and monitoring a well.

Our self-powered cleaner comes with a separate docking station so there are no shadows cast on the panels, and can run on the module frames as well (no extra structure rail required on modules).

We guarantee fixed operational costs over the lifetime of your plant and a comprehensive AMC to maintain routine upkeep of parts. Sol Clean™ is non-abrasive and electrically safe, requires no water whatsoever and is extremely easy to install.