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Convert your rooftop into a powerplant

Rooftop Solutions

Best Solar Panel PV Roof Structures manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Rooftop Solar Power generation has been gaining a lot of importance in India primarily to gain independence from the power grid, backed by a range of government incentives. The Rooftop can be flat RCC or sloppy with a roofing system.

GIPL flat rooftop solar mounts are engineered to reduce potential long-term roof damage with fully captured ballast, integrated roof protection pads and a system design that allows for free water flow. Our design fits on all the major solar modules and we confirm this through a complete wind simulation and load analysis. Our pre-assembled solar panel roof mounts offer easily configurable tilt angles to ensure your PV cells get maximum exposure to sunlight while maintaining structural stability.

GIPL also specializes in cost-effective solar solution for pre-engineered buildings with metallic trapezoidal roofing. This innovative design of the product makes the rail quick to install and provide stable installation in the sheet roofing.