Transform your empty rooftop into a solar powerbank.

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Convert rooftop into a power plant

Rooftop Solar Power generation has been gaining a lot of importance in India primarily to gain independence from the power grid, backed by range of government incentives. Roof topcan be flat RCC or sloppy with a roofing system.

GIPL flat rooftop solar mounts are engineered to reduce potential longterm roof damage with fully captured ballast, integrated roof protection pads and a system design that allows for free water flow.

Our design fits to all the major solar modules with complete layout of wind test and load analysis. Components are made from galvanized part; our pre-assembled solar panel roof mounts offer easily configurable tilt angles to ensure your PV cells get maximum exposure to sunlight while maintaining stability.

GIPL also specializes in cost effective solar solution for pre-engineered buildings with metallic trapezoidal roofing. This innovative design of the product makes the rail quick to install and provide stable installation in the sheet roofing.

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Engineered for quality Maximum Stability, Minimum Material Use.

GIPL Ground-mount system

Ganges Internationale design versatile ground mount system, scalable for large, medium and small applications. Simple construction, minimal parts, innovative design ideas and on-site flexibility for rapid and cost-effective installations are few of the basic concepts taken into consideration. Our solution is suitable for virtually all terrains and site conditions due to its flexible pile positioning and design adaptability.

GIPL structures are engineered for maximum strength-to-weight ratio and constructed of optimized material for maximum strength and durability. Our experienced team will help design and optimize your system for maximum return on investment.

Our proposal to clients includes:

  • Supply of material

  • Cooperation with local authorities on code compliance

  • Comprehensive technical support and materials

  • On-site installation support for projects.

Maximizing energy production with latest single-axis tracker.

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Single Axis Tracker

Ganges Internationale Single Axis tracker allows panels to track the sun from sunrise to sunset. Tracking increases power production by up to 30%, depending on the tracker configuration. Stationary ground mounts solution, which holds the panels in a fixed position, compromises on their productivity when the sun passes to a less-than-optimal angle. Compensating for this, solar trackers automatically move to "track" the progress of the sun across the sky, thereby maximizing output.

GIPL provides a complete solar tracking solution, comprising maintenance free pivots, latest technology and best in class mounting structures. With our in-house expertise, we will guide you through design, installation and maintenance of the system. We provide a one-stop solution to enhance your energy generation to the full potential.

Centralized trackers have a number of ways to accommodate challenging sites because its connected-rows, it moves hundreds of modules with a single set of drive components, so it's possible to use high quality, off-the-shelf components for the PLC, motor, and actuator. This enables our centralized tracker in achieving the best land utilization in utility scale sites.

Our installation team ensure that the tracker is positioned for maximum output by using simplified NASA astronomical algorithm that is extremely accurate and reliable. The PLC calculates the optimum tilt angle once every 5 min during daylight hours..

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The next generation of solar powered carports technologies.

Carport delivering dual benefits

The top floor of the car parks are perfectly placed for making the most of the sun's free energy, with options to optimise the angles of the solar panels on the surface thus delivering dual benefits.

Ganges Internationale with its continuous innovative designs helps the panels to generate maximum amount of energy, while providing a shade for the car parks or pedestrian areas. GIPL design is the most versatile solar carport solution in the market offering both single and double rows of parking.

To accommodate any site situation, customized foundation options are available including concrete pillars, till DC integrations. Utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes, we are able to achieve longer spans between foundations reducing cost and simplifying the installation process. We provide on-site welding or cutting if necessary to construct a streamlined and architecturally pleasing solar carport.

System Benefits

  • Competitive pricing

  • Structural engineering support with complete drawing layout

  • Compatible with most module types, orientations, and inclinations

  • Galvanized corrosion-resistant aluminium construction

  • Our solar carport solutions provide a truly customized renewable energy platform along with optimum utilization of your space.

Transforming rural India with solar irrigation solutions

Solar Irrigation solutions

GIPL solar is among the leaders in solar irrigation mounting solutions in India. Our structures are designed with high quality for longer life, keeping quality standards for agricultural, domestic, industrial use to yield maximum efficiency.

Agriculture solar systems are stand-alone system operating directly on power generated by Solar PV modules during the daytime. Various types of solar pumps are used for lifting water from tube well, shallow well, ponds, canals for either drinking water in villages or mainly for irrigation purpose. Our mounting structures can be designed in such a way that it can also work with the existing utility power to have more hours of operation for the Solar Pump.

Our solution is cost effective and provides a reliable alternate to the traditional local manufacturers.