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Inter Solar Conference

Location- Mumbai
Booth No- 1432
OCTOBER 19-21, 2016


Solar Irrigation solutions

GIPL solar is among the leaders in solar irrigation solutions in India. Our pumps are designed with high quality for longer life,with state- of-the-art of the technology. Solar pumps are specially designed with high quality standards for agricultural, domestic, industrial use to yield maximum efficiency.

GIPL solar systems are stand-alone system operating directly on power generated by Solar PV modules during the daytime. Various types of solar pumps are used for lifting water from tube well, shallow well, ponds, canals for either drinking water in villages or mainly for irrigation purpose. Our systems are designed in such a way that it can also work with the existing utility power to have more hours of operation for the Solar Pump.

Our solution is cost effective and provides a reliable alternate to traditional water pumping systems. It comes in various configurations with submersible & above the surface options. We aim to make available best quality solutions with advanced technology at affordable cost.